NXS Agent Use Case: Customer Service Representative
Intelligent Virtual Entities, or IVEs, can serve as endlessly-patient customer service assistants who are capable of handling routine customer service issues. Unlike standard chatbots, the IVEs can analyze what the customer has written to understand their emotion or sentiment. If a customer is distressed, they can identify this and respond appropriately to de-escalate the situation. This provides a superior user experience while freeing up your human customer service agents to deal with more complex problems and other non-routine work.
NXS Agent Use Case: Personal Assistant
Design your own virtual assistant who, with a bit of programming, can be integrated into 3rd party software. Once it is integrated into the appropriate tools, it can learn to assist you with appointment scheduling and subject-matter research, remind you about meetings, manage your to-do list, take notes for you, and more. You can communicate with your virtual assistant using natural language, and its next-generation artificial intelligence allows it to hold its “train of thought” on a particular topic even if your conversation is interrupted.
NXS Agent Use Case: Subject Matter Expert
Your company can reduce the workload for a given specialist department, such as HR or legal, by using a specially trained Intelligent Virtual Entity (IVE) to answer questions from the rest of the company. For example, if an employee wants to know whether the theater tickets they just received from a supplier are in compliance with legal regulations, they can quickly check with the bot. They get a response immediately, and the human legal counsel can keep working on their other tasks without interruption.
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