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Artificial Neural Networks
Feedforward MLP Network Type
Variety of Layer Types
On & Off-Policy Support
Selection of Initialization Functions
Comprehensive Set of Activation Functions
Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD)
Callbacks (Epoch and Iteration)
Labeled Dataset Support
Network Persistence
ANN Metrics
Input Preprocessing Functions
Simplified ANN Factory
Reinforcement Learning
Simple Problem Domain Interface
Predictor Algorithms
Control Algorithms
Supervised Algorithms
Comprehensive Set of RL Policies
Multiple RL Action Types
Function Templates
Selection of Hashing Functions
Tiling Support
Trace Support
K-Means Algorithm
Determine K (Rule-of-Thumb)
Determine K (SSE)
NLP – Conversational
See all features
NLP – Analytics
Sentiment Reasoning
Bias Detection
Custom Linear / Vector Math Library
Intelligent Autonomous Entity
Agent Interface
Sentience Module
Emotional Simulation
Emotional Appraisals
Events (Action & Perception)
Human-Computer Interaction Module
HTN Planner Module
World Modeling System
Visual Editor
Visual Node-Based World Modeling
Agent Design UI
Personality Design UI
Visual Planner
Project Publishing
Build Tools
Cmake Build Tools