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Machine Learning Showcase: Get the car up that hill
Imagine you are sitting in your battered old car in the middle of a valley. There are slopes on both sides and you need to get up to the highest point of the hill to the right. You know that your car won’t make it using its engine’s power alone. You’ll have to use momentum as well!
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Machine Learning Showcase: Keeping a pendulum bolt upright
Getting a pendulum to stand bolt upright by just giving it a swing here and there takes a lot of dexterity … or reinforcement learning.
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Machine Learning Showcase: Self-balancing personal transport
Have you ever wondered how those self-balancing personal transporters are able to keep the passenger stably balanced even while they are moving? Reinforcement learning is the key! The problem mentioned above is aptly named the “Cartpole Problem” because it involves balancing a pole on a cart… well, sort of…
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